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Siedziba fabryki: 84-242 Luzino, Kębłowo, ul. Wiejska 3

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About us

Chwil Windows & Doors, headquartered in Kębłowo, woj. Pomorskie, manufactures custom-crafted vinyl windows for new construction homebuilders, home improvement dealers and direct commercial accounts throughout the Europe. Founded in 19992 by Andrzej Chwil, Manufacture remains family owned and is currently headed by President and CEO, Alicja Chwil. Chwil takes great pride in its focus on innovation and a commitment to providing the best solutions for our customers.

At Chwil Windows & Doors our innovations reach beyond product development and to our philosophy and day-to-day operations.

Empowering employees and encouraging the free flow of new ideas creates enthusiasm, pride, and a spirit of innovation at Chwil that shows up in every window we manufacture—bows, bays, garden windows, single and double-hung and architectural shapes and patio doors—all made to order per our customers' specifications.

It’s easy to see that Chwil values aesthetics as well as function. At Chwil, beautiful products go hand-in-hand with efficiency. Consider gorgeous windows that stay cleaner longer, windows that save substantially on energy consumption, and that make homes safer. You can be sure Chwil windows will perform to the highest standards and specifications.

All of our products are manufactured with an eye on quality every step of the way. At Republic, our goal is to exceed our customers' expectations every day.