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Vinyl Windows

It is not true that all windows are alike. You can see for yourself in the Chwil showrooms. There you can choose a product and its parameters so that it suits your expectations and meets your individual needs.

Chwil only uses profiles made by VEKA AG, a German manufacturer with many years of tradition in Europe. The windows are also equipped with silver colour fittings produced by the renowned German manufacturer Siegenia-Aubi. Our standard windows are comprised of sealed glazing units, U=1.0 NEUTRAL, that have no annoying dark reflection.

In order to emphasise the unique “Windows from Poland” character of our products, each model is equipped with a subtle decorative strip as well as an original, futuristic-shaped HOPPE handle. Additional optional accessories, such as special anti-burglary fittings, a wide selection of special glazings and external blinds, are also available with all our windows. The windows can be supplemented with aesthetic windowsills and practical anti-insect screens. CHWIL offers six colors of window's frames excluding product Normal.